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While there are many replacement windows on the market, not all windows are created equal.  Northern climates need replacement windows that can handle the extreme cold while the South needs windows that can combat the extreme heat.  This article will focus on the needs of the southern climate.  To be specific we will focus on San Antonio windows.

Why San Antonio? San Antonio can get very hot in the summer, but also has a few cold days that require a good window to keep the heat in.  In general San Antonio covers the entire spectrum of the weather so it is a good example to work with.

Selecting the right San Antonio Windows

So what should you look for when selecting San Antonio windows?  First the basics: insulated glass.  Insulated glass is key in replacement windows.  Many older homes in San Antonio were built with single pane windows which are terribly inefficient.  Just including insulated glass will increase the performance of your “San Antonio windows”.

Second,  Low E coating.  Low E is a transparent coating applied to the glass that prevents the sun’s radiant heat from transferring across the glass.  By preventing heat transfer, the Low E keeps the interior of the house cooler during the hot months of the year.  There are many variations of Low E  that can be used in replacement windows, but you should look for the one that will offer the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Third,  frame material.  Replacement windows are available in four main frame materials: wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass.  Three of these will offer solid energy performance numbers: wood, vinyl and fiberglass.  Aluminum is not a good insulator, but if you select a thermally broken aluminum frame you can get performance numbers that are closer to the other three materials.

Many of the current San Antonio windows that are getting replaced are aluminum, and a good thermal aluminum window will be better than the old window, so don’t be afraid to choose thermally broken aluminum windows.  Vinyl is the most popular choice for frame material because it is inexpensive and does not conduct heat easily.  Wood and fiberglass frames are great insulators, but they are more expensive.

The key to the right San Antonio windows is insuring they are equipped to battle the brutal Texas summers.  Insulated glass, a high performance Low E coating, and a non conductive frame material will insure the replacement windows will offer the best energy performance for San Antonio.
Aluminum San Antonio Windows

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