The following information offers some great reasons to consider replacement windows.  If you have been thinking about replacing your windows in San Antonio, but are not sure if it is the best way to spend your money, read the article below to get reassured that there are many benefits to replacement windows in San Antonio, TX.

Replacement windows offer several key benefits. People choose to invest in new windows based on their needs and everyone will see the value of replacement windows for their home differently. So, if you’re looking to buy, you surely have your reasons but have you also considered the below?

Replacement Windows increase the value of your home – The curb appeal of a home in today’s buyers market is more important than ever. Potential buyers will see the windows not only for the investment, but for all of the other benefits too. In many cases, in a market crowded with same or similar model homes within a narrow price range and in nearby neighborhoods, this is a invaluable option for grabbing a buyer’s attention.

Going green isn’t just a buzz – The new energy and energy conservation trend in the U.S. today is a hot topic. It’s important to consider not only the potential reduction in your ‘footprint’ but also the fact that over time, the energy saved in heating and cooling bill can be impressive. Studies have shown that replacing older single pane windows with new energy star rated or better windows can fully recoup the cost of those windows in 15-20 years in energy savings. This is even more impressive if you consider the above benefit with home values being increased by as much as 100% of the cost of the windows.

Tax Credits another buzz – While we’re nearing the tail end of the 2010 federal tax credit, it’s more important now than ever to really measure your interest in buying windows. If you might buy windows in the next 1-5 years, the tax return may be incentive to rush to have your windows installed before the end of 2010. The Tax credit can reduce the cost of the windows (not the labor) by 30% up to $1,500. That’s a excellent reason to even have a few windows installed now, and possibly completed the remainder of your house in later years, since the discount is a rare opportunity that everyone should take advantage of if it fits their goals and budget.

Replacing drafty, and damaged or fogged existing windows – With all of the reasons above, and the difficulty and cost associated with repairing old windows no longer being produced by manufactures, many people find replacing the windows a improvement over repairing existing windows. If this is a motivation, consider buying a window with a long and positive history. If the manufacturer is still selling the window, it’s still competitive in the market. If it’s not receiving support calls and experiencing product defects, they’ll likely continue manufacturing it for years to come. This is important if you want the same series windows installed throughout the house, but will be filling in opening periodically over several years.

To keep up with the Jones’ – In many cases, when a neighbor has purchased new windows, it spurs interest among other neighbors. When this matters to a consumer, is from a negotiation standpoint with a window contractor. If you’re offering to allow a sign in your yard and you volunteer to speak with your neighbors to help them learn why you’ve purchased replacement windows, you’ve provided a valuable service to the contractor and they may be willing to compensate you in discounts or pay you for the referrals.

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